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anon requested  Top 9 Marvel Now! Gambit moments

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Warlock’s origin. Seems like Rahne had a stronger connection with Warlock than Doug did…

New Mutants Vol 1 #18-21

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Shake it off, Doug.

All New X-Factor #7

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Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

was chowder even real?

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Misty Knight

That first one is so great!

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Can we get some more detail on why Black Panther would beat Batman? If you don't mind my saying, the game is no fun if you just pick one and move on. How would the fight go down, what advantages does each character hold, why are they at a disadvantage, etc...


If it comes down to gadgets then black panther has the most advanced technology on the planet. While the rest of the world was getting invaded by skrulls he was making sure they had to resort to using swords and sticks when they tried to invade wakanda.

If it comes down to hand to hand then black panther takes this as he’s faster, stronger, more agile, better durability, has better reflexes, weapons and armour. batman knows lots of different fighting styles but black panther has studied every single fighting style in the world. And unlike Bruce he’d probably not hold back. bruce would more than likely hold back to start with and by time he realised he was in trouble he’d already be in hospital getting his food through a straw while alfred tries to find the rest of his spine. in new avengers #1 BP basically punches someone in half.

I don’t think batman actually has anything that could actually hurt BP. BP’s armour has taken blows from some very heavy hitters. in AvX: vs #5 Storm hits him with a lightning bolt and he’s just shrugs it off. Black panthers claws would carve through batmans defences/armour. Oh and he also has cloaking abilities. and an energy shield. and teleportation.

If it comes down to brains Black Panther is one of the smartest in the marvel universe. He’s clever AND smart. Batman (comic book batman) is a great detective and thinker and problem solver etc but.. Black Panther can do all that and more. He’s got gadgets that would make bruce cry like a little boy who just saw his parents get shot in an alley way.

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